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Omsorg, Sundhed og Pædagogik


1 timer 30 minutter


Social- og sundhedsassistentuddannelsen

Social- og sundhedshjælperuddannelsen

Den pædagogiske assistentuddannelse

Velfærdsteknologi (Vest)

The Knowledge Center for Welfare and Assistive Technology West Denmark hosted an international conference in Vejle May 23rd 2019 with a dedicated focus on:

Megatrends within simulation – pedagogy and learning aimed at demands on the future healthcare labor markets.


The conference focused on the most recent methods, trends and megatrends within the simulation area. In
addition to the two key-note speakers the participants will be given a chance to attend a number of workshops held
by specialists in the field of ”Healthcare Simulation” from all over the world.

This course contains the B1 workshop: The Mental Health Crisis by Kirsty Harris, Senior Lecturer, RGN, Cert.Ed, MA University of Portsmouth, department of Health
Sciences & Social Work

The workshop introduces an interactive approach to managing a patient that has taken an overdose or cut their wrists.

The workshop will cover a short summary of the following:
General health, Stress, Non-judgemental listening , Talking to someone who is suicidal, Self harm and accidental suicide, Substance misuse, Psychosis, Dementia/delirium, PTSD.

See the presentation here