The Knowledge Center for Welfare & Assistive Technology West Denmark places particular focus on collaboration and knowledge sharing when it comes to welfare technology and the competencies demanded by the labour market of the future.

Developments within local healthcare are placing renewed demands on employee roles and their duties. Welfare staff need to possess a range of professional competencies and be skilled in the use of digital and technology-based solutions. In addition, they need to take part in relationship development work with citizens by finding the right solutions that give meaning and quality of life to individual patients.

By developing good relationships, welfare staff can motivate and support citizens in the implementation of technology into their everyday lives. This is an area where welfare technology and knowledge about welfare technology play a huge role.

By collaborating with companies in the development and implementation of welfare technologies, the Knowledge Centre enables students to both become competent users of the latest welfare technologies and to adopt innovation as a natural part of their work.

This strengthens and develops their competencies when working with welfare technologies in practice, as they possess the necessary knowledge and can approach tasks in a
creative way.

At the same time, companies also gain input regarding changes, functionality and implementation.