Innovative learning

At the Knowledge Center for Welfare and Assistive Technology West Denmark, we work with innovative learning and learning technologies.

When we train future employees within health, caregiving and pedagogy, it is important that they are equipped for the future that awaits them on the labour market. This means we need to rethink the way we teach and the tools we use in our teaching.

Virtual reality can bring students closer to welfare technology and integrate it into their learning process. Students are physically active in learning environments where they use themselves as tools. And we have only seen the beginning.

In a few years, our students will be preparing for internships by visiting virtual nursing homes, where they can practise in realistic scenarios and get a taste of all the dilemmas they will come across when working with residents.

There are a tremendous number of uses for new technology within welfare, but they all require students to have a solid understanding of technology and insights into how it is used. That is why welfare technology needs to be a central component of a student’s training, right from the very beginning. We are working on how to make this happen, and not least on how we can realise the huge potentials that technology holds for the students’ professional skills.